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Royal Decrees & Acts of the House of Lords

 I.      Jan 23, 1998 Spence Hill registers claim to Tithonia Catena of Mars, proclaims Royal Constitution of Zarahemla and himself King, noting that until there were enough citizens in the Kingdom, he would be the sole government, a government in exile until we could land on Mars.

  II.      February, 1999 Zarahemla registers second claim on Mars , that of the Tithonia Plateau, adding it to the first and to the asteroid formerly known as Ceres , renaming it Zarahemla and noting that the claim on Mars would be considered an off asteroid royal possession.

III.      March, 1999 Seven Duchies: Narnia, Stovokor, Tarabythia, Fushal, Lothlorien, Traaken, and Borealia, were proclaimed with each child of the King as a duke or duchess.  An Internet presence was created.  The following friends of the Royal Family were created as counts or countesses in the Kingdom: Sasha, Chrystalia; Justin, Tithonia; Trent, Absentia; Jared, Ferondilie; Rachael, Arelia.

IV.      April, 1999 Treaties of mutual recognition between the Kingdom of Zarahemla and the Micronations of The Federal Mayan Republic, the Kingdom of Cheruskin and the Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia were established.  The names of 49 counties were decided upon. The names of Tithonia and Absentia were abandoned.  Justin and Trent were created counts of the following counties: Vulcan and Rasilon.

    V.      May, 1999 The first House of Lords was convened and the First Amendment to the Royal Constitution was ratified allowing the Succession of the Monarch to be in order of birth regardless of gender.

VI.      June, 1999 The first House of Lords was dissolved when it was realized that the majority of Ducal Envoys were under the constitutional age.

VII.      July, 1999 While on vacation in Idaho, the King filled out a list of those friends that he would like to create as the 49 counts and countesses of the Kingdom .  Upon return to the Royal Residence-in-Exile, the King contacted the following people who accepted peerage: Michael Winder, Joshua Wilson, Jon Hill, Lynnette Knox, Steven Harmon, Lyle Merritt, Keira Strong, Mark LeMonier, Michael Bench, David Walker, Cheri Walker...

VIII.      September, 1999 The Royal Family relocates the Royal Residence-in-Exile to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

IX.      October-December, 1999 Treaties with the Aerican Empire, Ozarkian Empire, Rugan Reich, Monarquia Hereditária de Brunão and the LoSS were written and passed through the House of Lords.

    X.      January, 2000 The following Peers were created: V. Lapping as Lord Lapping, Count of Palorilie, Dwayne D. Willis as Lord Dwayne, Count of Dyanodu and Telima Tobler as Lady Telima, Countess of Zanya.  Treaties were signed with the following micronations: the Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa, torHaven and Marajo. Day-of-the-Claim festivities celebrate the second anniversary of the Realm.

XI.      February, 2000 The Flag Act of 2000 is passed: By Royal Decree: Be it known that the Royal Flag of the Realm shall have a length three times
its height and shall be a double tailed pennant. The Ducal flags shall have a length twice their height and shall also be double tailed pennants. The County flags shall have a length twice their heights and shall be single tailed pennants. The web site is changed.  The names of the counties of Vulcan and Romulus are changed to T'Khasi and Ch'Rihan, respectively. Lord Lyle of Ergoth, Lord Randall of Caspian and Lord Justin of T'Khasi are given the Order of the Gryphon , and the title of Sir is added to their names in recognition of their assistance to the Crown.  The Sedition Act is passed whereby Parliament is empowered to protect the Realm from Revolution and Sedition.  The members of the Chobah Revolution are exiled from the Kingdom. The Monarch reclaims the title of Count of Rasilon, which is proclaimed a Royal Holding.  Treaties with Homeland and the PBF are passed.

XII.      March, 2000 The best photos of both our claims are posted on the home page.  Lady Cheri joins the House of Lords.  A major debate takes place concerning the Russian invasion of Chechniya.  The Queen-Consort begins the Society of the Unicorn; Princess Brittanie becomes the patron; Ladies Charlie, and Molly are added to the Society.  Lord Stephen is created Count of Qualinesti.

XIII.      April, 2000 A calendar for Mars is accepted having ten months with 66 days each, plus a ten day Yule.  The names will be decided by those who voted for or against the calendar.  Dennis McCombs becomes a citizen.  Ladies Cheri, Sasha, and Telima become Sisters of the Society of the Unicorn.

XIV.      May, 2000 A report on the crisis in the League of Seccessionist States is issued.  We are address by A.J. Brong, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the People's Republic of Amador, the first such address. The names of the week days are decided upon: Sabbath, Eolis, Chusan, Machiavelli, Chilnn, Feste, and Lilac; the names of the months are also decided upon: Emadrienne, Calias, Harmankhis, Sendari, Canderis, Tiu, Ariel, Evithus, Denerian, Keltia, and then Yule on the end. His Royal Majesty, the King was asked to observe a Plebecite in Porto Claro, an allied micronation.  The upcoming Coronation is discussed.  Lord William, Count of St. Germaine proposed a union between his County and our Realm.

XV.      June, 2000 The union of St. Germaine and the Realm does not work out.  Both agree to go their separate ways.  The Coronation of the King is carried out online and attended by the ministers and monarchs of several realms.  There is a short war between the Kingdom and the Headcheese of "the Lunar Embassy," Dennis M. Hope.

XVI.      July, 2000 The Royal Government recognizes the Slobovian Empire and regrets it almost immediately.  The second amendment to the Constitution is passed.

XVII.      August, 2000 Vereinigte Staaten von Astor and the Republic of New Etruria asks for recognition status.  His Royal Highness, Crown-Prince Jared, receives call and departs for the California Anaheim Mission.  The Right Honorable Lord Stephen, Count of Qualinesti is knighted into the Order of the Gryphon.  David Stephens, of Las Vegas is created Count of Alambil.  The Right Honorable Lord, Scott, Count of Varulisia is inducted into the House of Lords.

XVIII.      September, 2000 Architectural standards are implemented.

XIX.      October, 2000 Empire of Atlantium and DU Ratelon enters in to relations with the Realm.  A major discussion on the education system is waged in the House of Lords.  His Highness, Prince Nathanael, Heir of the Second House of Zarahemla, Duke of Stovokor, Guardian of the Gate of Iverel, has been selected to participate in an officer exchange program with the US Army.

XX.      November, 2000 The Right Honorable Lady, Dame Charlene, Countess of Castrovalva, Weilder of the Dragonhorn Crossbow shall henceforth be proclaimed Minister of Education and Keeper of the Royal Library at Castrovalva. Princess Brittanie, Duchess of Tarabythia is appointed the Minister of Arts. Lord Sir Justin, Count T'Khasi is appointed Royal Supplier and Lord Chamberlain of Domestic Services. By Royal Decree, The Right Honorable Lord, Sir Richard, Heir to Caspian is hereby awarded the position of Post Master General of Zarahemla which also includes the web and email, etc.  Also, by Royal Decree, The Right Honorable Lord, Sir Dwayne, Count of Dyanodu shall be awarded the title of Chancellor of The Royal Zarahemlan University (RZU) to be built in Dyanodu. By Royal Decree, The Right Honorable Lord, Sir Stephen, Count of Qualenesti shall be empowered and invested with the titles of Minister of Technology. Tyler Smith is granted Zarahemlan Citizenship and, admitted to the House of Lords as Count of Frodwaith.

XXI.      December, 2000 Christmas and New Years are celebrated in the Realm, the Monarch issues messages.  The Right Honorable Lady, Dame Telima, Countess of Zanya is proclaimed Minister of Animal Protection.  Mr. Stanton Peay of Las Vegas, Nevada is knighted into the Royal Order of the Gryphon, the second non-Zarahemlan ever to receive this honor.  The Royal family publishes this photo of HH Prince Nathanael .  The Kingdom is invited to join the League of Monarchist States.

XXII.      January, 2001 The Kingdom celebrates its third birthday with the annual Day-of-the-Claim.  The Right Honorable Lords, Tyler, Count of Frodwaith and Scott, Count of Varulisia are knighted into the Royal Order of the Gryphon.

XXIII.      February, 2001 The Royal Family institutes a Contest of the Arts and releases this picture of Princess Adrienne.

XXIV.      March, 2001 The Right Honorable Lord, Michael, Heir to Caspian returns home from his Mission and is knighted into the Royal Order of the Gryphon.

XXV.      April, 2001 HH Prince Nathanael graduates from jump school in the US Army and joins the 88th Airborne.

XXVI.      May, 2001 The Right Honorable Lord Trystan, Heir to Enedwaith, turns 17.  A national holiday ensues.

XXVII.      June, 2001 HH Princess Brittanie graduates from Cimmeron-Memorial HS.  The House of Lords recognizes the Micronations of Bab 5 and the Celestial Empire.

XXVIII.      July, 2001 The Realm is asked to join the League of Micronations.

XXIX.      August, 2001 The House of Lords recognizes the Empire of New Anahuac.

XXX.      September, 2001 HH Princess Brittanie goes away to college at the school where her Royal Parents met: Ricks college, now BYU-I.  Aldrick Tinker is admitted to the House of Lords as the Count of Palorilie.  Zarahemla recognizes the Free Republic.  Zarahemla celebrates the third anniversary of the founding of the SpUM.

Royal Announcement:

Official Press Release from the Crown.

It is with sadness of heart that I comment on the horror in New York and in the Pentagon.  To observe the point to which a twisted mind will go for his philosophy, is galling.

We condemn and deplore the cowardly violence perpetrated against the American people.  Our prayers and hopes go out to the families and loved ones of the victims and those who are missing.  We pray they find peace despite the cowardice of the terrorists.

I am Spence, King of Zarahemla

XXXI.      October, 2001 The Right Honorable Lords, Sir Erik, Count of Enedwaith; Sir Lyle, Count of Ergoth; and Sir Stephen, Count of Qualinesti are each officially invested with the honorary title of 'One of the Three.'  The House of Lords ratifies the treaty with the Principality of Sofia.  Lord, Sir Dwayne reports on the crisis in Dyanodu.  The Count and his family have survived but will take months to recover.  The first National Survey was conducted.  Below are the incomplete results.  Not all counties responded in time to have their results added herein.


Kingdom of Zarahemla 2001 Census


# of Citizens






Royal Family 































































XXXII.      November, 2001 The King delivers his Thanksgiving address.


At this time we would like to express our thanks to the Right Honorable Lords and Ladies of the Realm.  We have enjoyed the friendships.  We have enjoyed the humor and the good natured bantering.

We are also thankful for the Royal Family.  Her Majesty the Queen-Consort is a source of strength to us.  The Royal Heirs are a source of joy and pride.  We as a micronation have much to be thankful for.  No other micronations are at war with us, we have a good reputation in the organizations we belong to, and we have a great cheering section in our ‘Three.”

We are also grateful for the interaction that has grown between the Peers.  We are also amused at the silences that fall upon us from time to time.  However, we prefer the chatter.

We wish a great and memorable Thanksgiving to all.

I am Spence, King of Zarahemla

XXXIII.      December, 2001 The Nobles of the Realm initiate the annual snowball fight.  All enjoy the weather at the Palace of Zarahemla.  Negociations with Sidonia on diplomatic relations begin and pass the House of Lords.  Phillip Pueler is granted citizenship and the title of Count of Kaled.  It was voted to develop our own version of nobility rather than retaining a dependence on the British realm.  The King delivers his Christmas message:

I would like to wish all Zarahemlans a very wonderful Christmas.  It is the time for joy.  It is the time for giving.  It is a time for remembering those who have less fortune than we.

This Christmas was indeed a joyful time for the Royal Family. Prince Nathanael and Princess Brittanie are both home for the holidays.  Prince Nano is still in his officer exchange program with the US Army.  We prayed that he wouldn't be sent to Afghanistan and to his chagrin, our prayers have been answered.  He returns on the 27th.

Princess Brittanie is home for the break between semesters at BYU Idaho or Bee Why Youdiho as she calls it.  Her grades were not as spectacular as she would have liked, but the shift from Secondary Education to Post Secondary can be rather difficult. Her second semester should be quite a bit better.

We heard from the Crown-Prince this afternoon. He has been a Zone Leader for a considerable time.  He is doing well and has only 8 months to go.  We anxiously await his return.  It was interesting to compare what he is doing with what I did 23 years ago in Montréal.

We hope that the citizenry of the Realm have a joyous time this entire holiday season and a Happy New Year.

XXXIV.      January, 2002 The Realm passes its fourth anniversary on 1/23/02 by celebrating the Day-of-the-Claim.  Matthew Mahlstede is granted citizenship and the title of Count of Harlindon.

XXXV.      February, 2002

Let it be known that the Right Honorable Lord, Philipp the Bizarre, Count of Kaled, shall also be entitled "Brandisher of the Runic Battle-Axe."  This title shall be handed down with the title of Count of Kaled, Henceforth and forever.

A treaty with the Republic of Aerilg is signed and ratified.  Timothy Ramsford is granted citizenship and the title of Count of Paloralie.  A war is fought with a group of sniveling adolescents in an awful website. Celina Breining and Brittany Goldman are granted citizenship and the titles of Countesses of Rhovanion and Betazed, respectively Catherine is granted citizenship and the title of Countess of Tasseria.  The Domaine is recognized with a treaty.

XXXVI.      March, 2002 Uniforms for the Military were discussed.  The titles of Earl of Grantleigh and Earl of Malbury are added to the County of T'Khasi.  By Royal decree, only that county has Earldoms; these are tied permanently to T'Khasi.

The King and people of Zarahemla express sympathy to the Royal Family of Britain at the loss of their Queen Mother.  She was a model of Regal dignity for all of us.

XXXVII.      April, 2002 The front page is updated. The Interplanetary Organization of Nations is organized.

XXXVIII.      June, 2002 Treaty with the United Kingdom of Nautica passes the House of Lords.  The House of Lords establishes a Zarahemlan Royal Ministry of Intelligence (ZRMI). Audrei Moffitt is granted Zarahemlan Citizenship and the title of Countess of Taiben.

XXXIX.      July, 2002 Treaty with the Kingdom of Komai is signed and passes the House of Lords.  Philip of Kaled announces his departure from Zarahemla.  The Realm acquires a domaine name:

XL.      August, 2002 His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Jared returns to the Royal Residence-in-exile after completing a successful mission for the LDS church in Anaheim, California.  The Realm and Novaterra jointly publish a map of our claims on Mars.

XLI.      September, 2002 A treaty with the Republic of Novaterra is ratified.  The title of 'Destroyer of Freedom' is added to the many of RHL, Sir Justin, Count of T'Khasi.  Lady Keira, Countess of Ch'Rihan Announces the death of her father, Russell, Patriarch of Ch'Rihan.

XLII.      October, 2002 A discussion in the House of Lords concerning burial traditions we will enact after landing on Mars.

XLIII.      November, 2002 The King delivers his Thanksgiving address.

XLIV.      December, 2002 Princess Brittanie, duchess of Tarabythia delivers the Christmas Address:


I love Christmas!  I think I love the music the most.  There's just something magic about the season.  I think that December is the only time that I miss the snow...and just the week before Christmas.  The snow makes everything bright and glittery....

Anyway, Merry Christmas (and Happy Hanukkah!) to all and have a good December too.

The Realm signs an environmental treaty with the Republic of Novaterra.  

The 45th day of Canderis, from this day forth, shall be known as The Dancing in the Streets Holiday.

XLV.      January, 2003 The Realm celebrates its fifth anniversary on the Day-of-the-Claim.  Nathan Shumway is granted Citizenship and the title of Count of Mospheria.

XLVI.      February, 2003 Lord Matthew of Harlindon is welcomed to the Royal Order of the Gryphon.  Ruben d'Silva, Max Campbell, Andrew Ray, Charles Davenport, and Zachary Lungu are granted Zarahemlan citizenship and the titles of Counts of Gallifrey, Vanunu, Bejor, Chichchah, and Esgaroth respectively.  Lady Brittany of Batazed and Lady Salina of Rhovanion are given the title of Dame and proclaimed members of the Society of the Unicorn.

XLVII.      March, 2003 Zarahemla takes part in the Coalition invasion of Iraq by sending three Zarahemlan citizens to join the US Army: HH Prince Nathanael, Duke of Stovokor; RHL Nathan, Count of Mospheria; and RHL Matthew, Heir to Kardassia.

XLVIII.      April, 2003 All three Zarahemlan soldiers survive unharmed in this conflict.

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