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About the Kingdom of Zarahemla

General Information
Common Name: the Kingdom of Zarahemla
Three-Letter Identification: ZAR
Official Name: the Kingdom of Zarahemla
Suggested Names in other languages: Le Royaume de Zarahemla (French)
Capitol: the City of Zarahemla
Nationality: Zarahemlan
Language: English
National Holidays: Day-of-the-Claim, Amadrieene 23rd, or January 23rd
Official Calendar Adopted: Martian or Gregorian
Concise History: His Royal Highness Spence, King of Zarahemla laid a claim to the Tithonia Plateau of Mars stating that when technology improved, the Kingdom would move there. Until then, the Kingdom of Zarahemla would be a kingdom-in-exile. The Realm has endured to this day, adding more members as go. For more information, please see the Royal Decrees.

Official Flag of the Kingdom of Zarahemla
Coat-of-Arms: None
Anthem: Tocatta
Motto: a la nouvelle vie.

Social & Law
Population: At the last census: 37.
Immigration Average: 4 per year
Emigration Average: 2 per year
Ethnic Composition: There is no official data; we assume most are of European stock
Religions & Cults: all philosophies are personal and not a matter of the state
Sports: Low G Flying
Main Sport Associations: Planetary Flying League
Main Cultural Organizations: Club of the Three
Main Newspapers: none yet
Main Universities/Colleges: the Royal Zarahemlan University in Dyanodu
Illiterates: none
Unemployed: None
Court System: Royal Court
Judges: Nine judges, Chief Justice in charge
Obligatory Military Service: No
Death Penalty: Yes, but only for the protection of society from heinous repeaters
Freedom of Expression: Yes
Homosexual Rights: Yes
Abortion Prohibition: not a prohibition, but not abortion on demand either
Drugs Prohibition: Yes
Taxations: Yes
Direct Elections: Yes

Economical System: Capitalism
Currency: Zarahemlan Crown

Subdivision of Currency: 2000 Pence to the Crown
Currency Value: one crown equals one troy of gold
Measurement System: Traditional Imperial English
Banks: Royal Bank
Major Corporations: Teserax, Ltd.; Zarahemla Online, Inc.

Area: 172,800 square miles
Location: land claim is on the Tithonia Plateau of Mars within the Vallis Marinaris system, but the people still live on Earth
Population: most citizens live in USA, North America, Earth.
Administrative Division: each of seven duchies is divided into seven counties
Major Cities: none, Mars is not populated yet
Main Ports: none.
Main Airports: None
Climate: cold and little air.
Relief: Valley floor of the Vallis Marinaris system to top of canyon wall can be up three miles in elevation.
Vegetation: None, we will import it all
Major Rivers: the Marinaris system must have been a river system at one time, which would have made Zarahemla a very large island, but there is no liquid water on Mars at this time.
Local Time in comparison to GMT: the Martian day is 37 minutes and 23 seconds longer than Earth's, so there is no comparison to GMT. Zarahemlan's use the Time Zone of their residence here on Earth.

Armed Forces: None
Commanders: None
Intelligence Office: each citizen is a de facto member of the Zarahemlan Royal Ministry of Intelligence (ZRMI).

Political Regime: Parliamentary Monarchy
Head of State: His Majesty, Spence, King of Zarahemla, 1998
Chosen by: bloodline.
Head of Government: Prime Minister
Chosen by: Elections
Political Parties: none
Elections Held Regularly: every Martian year

Political Allies: Friendly with most nations
Treaties & Agreements: Treaties with friendly nations
International Organizations Membership: LoSS, LoM, SpUM

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